Lower Sacramento

The Sacramento River below Shasta Dam - known as the Lower Sacramento - has to be rated as among the best tailwater fisheries in the country. Each of the half dozen float trips cover from 6-14 miles during a typical fishing day.

Trinity River

The Trinity River is arguably one of the finest steelhead streams in the West. The average size of a Trinity River steelhead ranges from four to eight pounds, while mature adults measuring over ten pounds are hooked on a regular basis.

McCloud River

The McCloud River rainbows (salmo Shasta) may be the most famous strain of trout on the planet Earth. This scenic wonderland is gorgeous and well worth the long drive that is the only price of admission.

Pit River

For those adventurous anglers willing to work a little, the rewards of fishing the Pit River are well worth it. The tough reputation of the river keeps many anglers away, making the Pit a great place to get away from it all.